SongShare Policies and Procedures

SongShare will file annual taxes in accordance with state and federal regulations. While an official audit is not required, an informal financial review may be conducted annually by a qualified member of SongShare who is not on the Board. The results of the financial review will then be reported to the Board.
The Annual Event Committee will make a full report of all revenues and expenses to the Treasurer by no later than one month following the annual event.
The Treasurer shall prepare the SongShare Tax filing on a timely basis.
The Board shall approve the filing on an annual basis.

Liability Insurance
In order to provide those serving on the SongShare Board of Directors with protection against claims resulting from injuries and damage to people or property during normal organizational operations and sponsored events, the Corporation will maintain and fund a liability insurance policy.
In consultation with the President, the Organization’s Treasurer will be responsible for reviewing this insurance policy each year, and will make certain that a line-item to fund this policy is included in the annual SongShare budget.

SongShare Corporate will carry Officers and Directors Insurance at all times.
SongShare Annual Event Committee will carry liability insurance for the Annual Event.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for making sure that policies are up to date.
The President shall sign the contracts for all insurance policies.
Payment for Officer and Director Insurance shall be made from our corporate account, funded by membership dues.
Payment for the annual event liability insurance shall be made from the Annual Event Committee budget.


SongShare shall maintain 2 separate checking accounts, a corporate account and an annual event account.
The Annual Event Committee must use the annual event bank account for all transactions and for the purpose of safeguarding money. All funds must be deposited into the bank account and an accounting of all transactions must be kept.
Adults acting as Annual Event Treasurer and those handling bank account/records, writing or signing checks, or otherwise handling money must be active members of SongShare.
All withdrawals of funds from SongShare bank accounts require two authorized signatures of active members of SongShare.
The leadership of the Annual Event Committee must establish themselves as the approved signors of the Annual Event Committee Bank Account within 30 days of assuming leadership of the annual event.
The Annual Event Committee must maintain clear records of all banking transactions.
Debit cards may only be used for deposits and purchases. Debit cards cannot be used for cash withdrawals or cash back so that there is always a clear trail of transactions. All purchase and payments made by debit cards and checks must be supported by receipts.

Account Reconciliation and Responsibility

In order to maintain financial records in a professional, accessible, and timely manner, the Organizational and Event Treasurers are required to reconcile accounts on an established schedule. Organizational and Event Committee reports will be made available to members upon request.
In every month in which there is account activity,* both Treasurers will be required to reconcile their accounts at the end of the month. The Organization Treasurer will submit a written report to the Finance Committee Chair no later than the 10th day of the following month regarding the status of the Organization’s accounts. The Organizational Treasurer may request to review the Event Committee’s accounts at any time. Failure to comply with these procedures or repeated violations of overall fiscal responsibility may result in the Board voting to remove either Treasurer from office.
*Generally speaking, there is usually no account activity during the months of April, May, June, and July.

Responsibility for Overdraft Fees

The Organization will not be responsible for paying overdraft fees related to returned checks (insufficient funds).
SongShare members are responsible for paying any returned check or overdraft fees associated with checks they may write for event registrations or donations.


SongShare is not required to have a professional audit on an annual basis.
If an audit is deemed necessary by the Board of Directors then steps will be
determined at that time.


Membership is by invitation.
Membership consists of two classes of membership. The classes are active members and inactive members: Active members are those members who have attended the annual SongShare event at least once in a period of two years or are serving in an elected role.
Inactive members are those members who have not attended the annual SongShare event for a two-year period and are not serving in an elected role. An inactive member may stay as an inactive member for as long as the member desires, as long as the member pays the annual dues.

  1. To become a new member of SongShare requires an invitation from a member who has attended three SongShare annual events.
    The invitation should be to a new member who will embrace our tradition of song, music, and friendship.
    Space constraints at the annual event may limit the number of new members allowed in a given year. Current active and inactive members will have priority for attendance at the upcoming SongShare over proposed new members.
    The Annual Event Committee will determine how many new members can be accepted in a given year and which proposed new members are admitted.
    Members who have extended an invitation to a new member are required to provide an orientation to that new member.
  2. Members of SongShare are required to be at least 18 years old and are required to abide by the policies and procedures.
  3. Members, planning or not planning to attend the annual event, are required to fill out a registration form for the annual event and pay the associated fees by the due date of the registration form of the annual event.
  4. Members are required to pay annual dues. The amount of dues will be determined annually by the Board of Directors and will be due by the due date of the registration for the annual event.
  5. All active members accept the responsibility of participation on an Annual Event Committee.
  6. Members are required to notify SongShare of changes to their contact information. This notification is required within 30 days of the change. Changes include a physical address, an email and a phone number.
  7. Removal – Members who are in an Inactive status for more than two years and have not paid their annual membership dues by the due date of the second consecutive annual event registration shall be removed from membership. Removal occurs 30 days after the second consecutive non-payment of dues.

Dues are assessed annually based on the organization’s expenses in the most recent year as reported on Internal Revenue Service 990 submissions or other financial information, such as audited financial statements.
Dues will be collected on the SongShare annual event registration form.
Dues must be paid in order for member to attend the annual SongShare event.
All dues must be paid by January 1.

Membership Roster

In order to build a strong sense of community and to facilitate communication among SongShare members between events, a membership roster will be made available each year.
During the month following each Annual Event, the Event Registrar and Organizational Membership Committee will work together to compile a list of SongShare members, which will include both active and inactive members. Each member will have the opportunity to decide which information about themselves they would like to share. Those who prefer maximum privacy will have only their names appear on the roster. The information contained in the roster is considered confidential; intended for personal use only, may not be shared with anyone outside the SongShare organization, and may not be used for business or other purposes.


Individual SongShare members shall not enter into any contractual arrangements
on behalf of the SongShare.
Contracts must be entered into by the Board President with Board approval.

Cash Advance and Reimbursement

SongShare shall reimburse individuals for reasonable expenses
incurred while conducting SongShare business.
For SongShare corporate expenses
For Annual Event Committee expenses
Individuals incurring reimbursable expenses on behalf of SongShare shall:

  1. Incur expenses within the parameters of the approved budget. If the expense deviates from the guidelines, the circumstance must be explained in a written communication attached to the expense reimbursement request form. The Executive Board upon recommendation of the Finance Committee has the authority to deny reimbursement if the item was not included in the approved budget.
  2. Submit a SongShare Expense Reimbursement Request form, with required receipts attached, to the SongShare Executive Board within 2 weeks of incurring the expense.

Nomination of Board Members Purpose: To provide direction and guidance to the Nominating Committee as appointed by the President and to recruit candidates for officers and members of the Board of Directors.

  1. The SongShare President will announce a Nominating Committee on or before the first day of the annual conference and make the committee known to the membership.
  2. Eligible members may be nominated by the Nominating Committee, by other members of SongShare or may seek sponsorship from a currently serving Board member.
  3. To qualify for nomination to the Board of Directors, a person must have been a member in good standing for a minimum of two years.
  4. Nominees must have attended at least two of the past four annual events. Nominees understand they will be expected to attend the annual event, Board meetings and teleconferences, if at all possible.

Annual Event Committee

“An Annual Event Committee shall be established to ensure the proper planning, careful execution, and effective evaluation of the annual event.”
At minimum, the Committee shall be composed of the following four positions:
• Committee Chair: Has overall responsibility for event coordination, planning, and evaluation. The Chair shall also be responsible for ensuring that the minutes of each Event Committee meeting are received by the Board no later than two weeks after each meeting is held.
• Registrar: Is responsible for the process of sending out event announcements, for processing registrations, and for managing the registration process at the event.
• Treasurer: Is responsible for the collection and disbursement of all funds, and for ensuring that all funds related to events sponsored by the committee are properly handled and accounted for. The treasurer must thoroughly understand and act in accordance with all the guidelines contained in the SongShare Banking Policy.
• Fundraising: Is responsible for identifying outside sources of funding and donations and (when appropriate) for reaching out to sponsors/donors who may be in a position to help underwrite the event.
Persons filling these positions shall be appointed by the Board; each position must be filled by a different individual.
Additional Committee members may be added at the discretion of the Committee Chair and will generally be assigned to help in one of the four functional areas defined above.
To the extent possible, the Annual Event Committee will be composed of members of the legacy councils in the established order of rotation. If in any year, there are an insufficient number of members of the designated legacy council, the Board, in consultation with available members of that legacy council, will appoint such other members to the Annual Event Committee to ensure the necessary committee support and function for the annual event.


Singerships may be offered to returning SongShare members to cover some or all of the general accommodation cost of the Annual SongShare event. Singer ships will not be available for upgraded facilities (Hotel/private lodging). Singerships are not available to cover the cost of annual dues. Financial need must be clearly demonstrated in writing and those who receive Singerships may not purchase any additional items (shirts, etc.)
The Finance Committee has the authority to determine the amount of funds available for Singerships in a given year, based on a review of the Annual Event Committee’s budget.
The Finance Committee will determine the steps necessary to apply for a Singership and will communicate this process to the Annual Event Committee in time for Singership application instructions to be included in the annual event registration package.
The Finance Committee will review the applications for Singerships and award the amounts to the members confidentially.
Those involved will do their best to maintain confidentiality about who has applied for and who has received Singerships.

Singership Funding

The Annual Events Committee will define and implement a process to solicit applications. The Organizational Finance committee will award and track “Singerships”. Singerships are scholarships that are awarded to persons with financial need who wish to attend the annual SongShare event.

  1. The Application Process: The registration form for the annual SongShare event will include a means by which those interested in obtaining a Singership may apply for one. Thus the deadline for Singership applications will be the same as the deadline for SongShare registrations.
  2. Awards: The applications of those seeking Singerships will be reviewed by The Finance Committee. Recommendations regarding recipients will be forwarded to the Organizational Treasurer, who will then supply the list of awardees (and award amounts) to the Event Committee registrar.
    All information related to award recipients will be kept confidential.
  3. Funding:
    a. A minimum of 30% of the income from the raffle held at each Annual Event will be
    allocated to Singerships. This percentage may be adjusted if approved by the Board of Directors.
    b. 30% of any unspecified/undesignated donations made to the Organization will be allocated to Singerships.
    c. 100% of all donations made to the Organization specifically for Singerships will be so allocated.
  4. Tracking/Transparency:
    The Organization’s budget will contain a specific line item to identify and track annual Singership income and award amounts.

Sale of Items at SongShare Events

Under the terms of SongShare’s status as a 501(C)7 organization, it is the Board’s responsibility to ensure that the fiscal viability of SongShare be protected. Therefore, the sale of items at SongShare events that may have the effect of generating personal gain for private individuals or external organizations is discouraged.
Anyone wishing to sell items for personal or extra-organizational gain at a SongShare event must submit a written proposal to the Board at least two months in advance of the event at which the sale is being proposed. 10% of the net profit will be given back to SongShare. A majority vote of the Board will constitute approval.
Should persons who have not sought or obtained approval through this process appear at an event, they will be asked to desist and will be given a copy of this Policy for future reference.

Non Discrimination

SongShare is committed to providing an environment that is free of unlawful discrimination, harassment and retaliation based on race, color, religion, age, gender, transgender, gender expression, actual or perceived sexual orientation, pregnancy, national origin, disability, marital, socio-economic status, or other protected status under local, state or federal law.