SongShare History

1987 — SongShare scheduled in the Fall, but the event was postponed to Jan. 1988

1988 – Orange County hosted at Camp Scherman —1st “unofficial” SongShare. A select group of people were invited to record tapes for the councils.

1989 — San Gorgonio hosted at the Colton Girl Scout Center. The cost was only $5 and we ordered pizza for dinner. A patch was offered and a songbook made. This was the 1st “official” SongShare.

1990 —Joshua Tree hosted at the Arnaz Program Center in Ojai — Feb 13 & 14. The 3rd verse of Pizza Hut written by Diane Miller, Ley Cash, and Chris Cross. Flicker wrote chords to Edie’s (Wings) latest song — “Jamie Boy”. Doo Wop line first appeared and was requested by Diane Miller for all the 1990 participants. A song book was made.

1991— Mt. Wilson Vista hosted at the San Marino Girl Scout House.

“Jaimie Boy” Doo Wop changed to “Doubba Doubba” line and used for 1st time participant invitation. Diane stopped all singing and requested 1st time SongShare attendees to form a “Doo Wop line” and another tradition was started! Used last year’s song book with new inserts.

1992 — San Diego Imperial Council hosted at St. John’s Evangelist Church — cost was $10. Ley Cash designed the SongShare patch and a new songbook was made. First SongShare without Wings.

1993 — San Fernando Council hosted at the N. Hollywood Presbyterian Church.

During singing we were informed that we’d have to move to another room as we were in the “AA” meeting room! Another new songbook was made!

1994 — Joshua Tree Council hosted at the Edwards AFB Scout Hut — Feb 12 -13, cost was $15.

Due to the Northridge earthquake, the location was changed to the AFB. Wings attended as did two sisters of Jinny DeAngelis including her twin sister Julie. “Order of the Broom” first appeared thanks to Jinny and Julie. Discussions of past Councils’ songbooks came up. Almost every SongShare has created its own songbook with the same songs reprinted. It was decided to have a “master” songbook and Kristina Pollard agreed to be the “Keeper of the Book”! All future SongShares will add new songs to the existing book — supply your own binder!

1995 — Angeles Council hosted at the Cathedral Chapel Church School — cost was $15. “Sing with the Angels” was the theme. First SongShare with the new “SONGBOOK”! Beautiful old building. We surprised the parishioners on Sunday morning!

1996 — Orange County Council hosted at the Anaheim Girl Scout Program Center — Feb 3, 4, cost was $18. A T-shirt was offered. The 1st male attended. You go Doug!!

1997 — San Gorgonio Council hosted at the new Redlands Service Center — Feb 1-2, $15. Theme “10th Anniversary Celebration of SongShare”. T-shirt offered.
A two-hour discussion of copyright laws was held as a result of the Songbook and SongShare tapes for sale. The songbook is for personal use only and tapes cannot be made and sold. Male participants had to sleep in the bathroom as there was no room for them elsewhere!

1998 Long Beach Council hosted at the Boy Scout Sea Base in Alamitos Bay, Feb 7-8, $17. Theme — “Sea Chanty”. Tote bags offered. Two “seamen” sang sea chanties with us!

1999 — Mt. Wilson Vista hosted at the San Marino Girl Scout House, Jan 30-31, $17.

2000 — San Diego Imperial Council hosted at the Blind Recreation Center, Feb 4,5 & 6, $15. Theme — “Back to the Future”. Neck warmers were given to all attendees. SongShare millennium biography picture directory made; Due to many things going wrong, SongShare went to “Plan B Camp SongShare”. There was no plumbing, no appliances were hooked up. We were the first group to use the brand-new Rec center, before it was even ready to be used! This was the first time SongShare went for 3 days.

2001 — San Fernando Council hosted at the Arnaz Program Center in Ojai, Feb 2,3 &4, $20. Theme — “A SongShare Odyssey”. Went through the Songbook using alphabet cards.

2002 –Joshua Tree Council hosted at the Palmdale Shadow Hills School, Feb 2 -3, $20. Theme — “Sing, Sing, Sing Together”. This was the 90th G.S. Birthday year, 15th SongShare anniversary. T-shirt was offered. We had the use of an entire new school.

2003 — Angeles Council hosted at the Griffith Park Boys Camp, Feb 1— 2, $30. Theme — “Star Struck”. A tote bag was offered as well as a souvenir book. Singerships were started to help with attendees’ financial hardships. We had a campfire in the evening, started by the ranger.

2004 — Orange County Council hosted at Camp Sherman, Feb 6,7,8 – $28. Theme — “Singing Safari”. T-shirt offered and everyone got a goodie bag. Little patches of snow still left on the ground. Computer disk made of pictures and audio of SongShare.

2005 –  San Gorgonio Council hosted at Cahuilla Desert Academy, Feb 4,5,6 – $25. Theme — “Southwest Serenade” included a patch, T-shirt designed by Barbara Mathews. El Pollo Loco catered Saturday night dinner. Campfire was put on by committee.

2006 — Long Beach Council hosted at the Griffith Park Boys Camp, Feb 3,4,5 – $50. Theme — “Underwater Adventure”. Patch, T-shirt, sweatshirt and tote bag were offered. CD with pictures and audio made.

2007 — Mt. Wilson Vista hosted at the Griffith Park Boys. Camp, Feb 2,3,4 – $60. Theme —” So Many Songs — So Little Time!” “Shut Up and Sing” patch, pin, and T-shirt offered.

2008 — San Diego Imperial Council hosted at the Fallbrook Community Center, Feb 1,2,3 – $45. Theme “Holy Guacamole!”. T-shirts were offered.

2009 — San Fernando Council hosted at the Arnaz Program Center in Ojai, Jan 30,31, Feb 1. Theme — “Girl Scouts Together — Sing”. T-shirts and patches offered.